Get Sizzling for National Sausage Day

National Sausage Day is proudly sponsored by your favourite Irish Sausages


When it comes to sausages, we’re the real deal. We don’t make a fuss, we just make tasty sausages. A taste that’s been handed down through generations, using the recipe refined and perfected by Arthur Mallon.
For Arthur it was always about taste. And we’ve been making the same special, tasty sausages for generations now – using Arthur’s secret family recipe.
We’re not the only ones who think Mallon’s Sausages taste great – our sausages have won over 160 national and international awards!
What are you waiting for? Taste The Sizzle for yourself – you’ll know a proper Mallon’s Sausage when you taste one.


Savage, deadly and fierce tasty. It all means the same when us Dubliners talk about our beloved sausages and favourite sizzle – the ones we’ve been eating for years – since 1905 in fact!
What makes them so special? Well, it’s the spice of course. Our master butchers make every Kearns Sausage using a special blend of spices that’s handed down from each one of our sausage-makers to the next. That unique cheeky, peppery pop of flavour can only ever be a Kearns Sausage.


Esteemed across the city and throughout the land, Olhausen’s Dublin sausages are a delicious family favourite. With Freddie’s ever-so proper ingredients and crowd-pleasing flavour, they’ve been part of Ireland’s history for over a century and a half.
It all started when William Olhausen, a Bavarian master butcher met, and fell for Margaret Hafner, the daughter of one of Dublin’s most respected pork families.When they opened their first butcher’s shop in 1896, their Olhausen Sausages were an immediate hit.
They’re succulent and meaty – and not too spicy – with quality ingredients and that special Olhausen’s sizzle. Just ask ol’ Freddie O’, he’ll tell you they’re a cut above your average sausage.


When the Hafner family arrived in Dublin from Bavaria, they set out to make the tastiest sausages that Ireland had ever eaten.
In 1882, they opened a shop in South Great Georges Street and it was here they developed the original taste of Hafner’s.
Hafner’s Premium Irish Pork Sausages punch way above their weight with that big Hafner’s flavour, perfected from years of sausage-making mastery. Hafner’s butchers knew a thing or two about their sausages back in the day – and the biggest secret was in the spices. It’s a secret we still mind today, and it’s why Hafner’s people don’t just like the taste of Hafner’s Sausages. They love it!